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I want to thank you for facilitating my healing and suggesting SSP Sound Therapy. The therapy had a pretty powerful effect on my mind and body. I was not expecting the intensity of the feelings it brought up – so many things I never even considered unresolved and how it aided me in realizing core issues I had not faced yet.

The therapy also assisted me in forgiving others more easily for wrongs I had felt had been committed to me, which through the therapy I realized they were only doing as they were in situations they did not know how to handle better. Understanding the actions were not intended to harm me but that I unintentionally got hurt because of other people’s life decisions made it easier to accept these memories. Having a sense that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have puts everything into perspective.

We did the SSP therapy as a family and especially for my daughter I could see a definitive movement away from fearing everything and a willingness to try more things which she normally would never have considered. Gradually we started to notice a drop in the level of emotional meltdowns she experienced and if she did have a moment when she felt out of control the severity was decreased compared to past experiences. She has a better understanding of her emotions and can explain what she is feeling more the before the therapy.

I would really recommend SSP to anyone who wants to start the process of healing and who would like to move out of constant flight or fight mode. Michaela, you have been an incredible help and we look forward to doing further therapies with you in future.