Providing individuals with a significantly increased level of personal understanding.

Discover your child’s genius zone!

Even poor learners can’t resist the magic of a Brain Dominance Profile Assessment to reveal their hidden strengths. A Brain Dominance Profile Assessment is a cognitive profiling technology that depends on the body’s unconscious reflexes to measure dominant learning preferences. Hence mistakes are not made. Tests are non-intrusive, fun and physical, and keep your child actively involved.

  • What makes my child tick?
  • Understand their dominant learning strengths
  • Find out what holds them back in school
  • Learn how you can help them become academic achievers
  • Capable learners can also improve their marks.

Doctor? Lawyer? Entrepreneur? Teacher? Children who know their strengths can reach for higher goals. Brain Training lights the way so they can reach their full potential.

What you’ll get:

  • A Brain Dominance Profile Assessment removes any notion that your child is unable to learn.
  • A comprehensive profile that reveals how your child instinctively receives, processes and acts on information.
  • An understanding of why they might struggle to learn – and why they don’t have to!
  • Guidance on what steps to take to help them succeed at school.

We are the way we are because everybody is uniquely neuro-chemically wired as a result of genetics and life experiences. This wiring determines the way we think, feel and act based on the genetically dominant pathways for taking in sensory information, processing information and responding to it. The dominant pathway from input, through processing to produce output, determines our unique Brain Dominance Profile.

This Profile provides useful information about our wiring, and a clear understanding of our initial response in moments of stress. When stressed, we rely on our most dominant wiring, but when relaxed, the dominance fluctuates, resulting in a more balanced / whole brain state. Feedback on this profile will allow you to fully appreciate your unique abilities instead of being measured against unrealistic expectations. This self-awareness makes for healthier relationships: you will be more in touch with yourself and those around you.

Why is brain dominance profiling important?

Both sides of the brain are involved in nearly every activity. Dominance is simply a matter of timing and degree of involvement.

The genetic brain dominance profile of a child has a definite impact on their personality and behaviour. It also determines how the child will take in, process and act on information for the rest of their life.

The brain dominance profile is a physiological model that indicates the dominance of the following:

  1. The left or right eye and ear (input).
  2. The three dimensions of the brain (processing).
    logical left brain and creative right brain
    – rational top brain and emotional bottom brain
    – receptive back brain and expressive front brain
  3. The left or right hand and foot (output).

You will learn the following about your child;

  • What makes them tick.
  • Their dominant learning strengths.
  • Their preferred learning style.
  • How they function under stress.
  • What holds them back in school.
  • Which areas need development.
  • How you can help them become academic achievers.
  • How capable learners can improve their marks.
  • Which career they are best suited for.

What does the assessment involve?

Establishing your dominance profile using a simple scientific muscle response assessment.

  • Comprehensive verbal feedback.

The assessment results are then used to prescribe a set of tailor-made Brain Training exercises designed to rewire your child’s brain.

Assessment duration: 60 minutes
Cost: R950
Ages: 6-99 years

Add the Reflex assessment to your order and pay R2000 for both.