I’m here to help you find your joy through a number of neuroscience based protocols.

As a mother myself, I’m so glad that you’ve taken the time to invest in your child’s personal and academic future. Before you decide whether you want to work with me and if we’ll be a good fit, I’d like to share a bit more info about myself so you can get to know me better.

I was born in the Czech Republic and came to South Africa when I was 2 years old. My family was sporty and I became a bit of a ‘health nut’ from a young age. After school I completed a degree in Human Movement Science, with a major in English, which would enable me to work as a personal trainer, sports coach, or continue on into the fields of Biokinetics or sports medicine.

The best piece of advice from my mom was her insisting that I get a teaching qualification because it would always stand me in good stead, and she was right! So I completed my Higher Diploma in Education (HDE) and taught Physical Education and English for 18 months at the Glen High School in Pretoria before becoming the Lifestyle Manager at the new Health and Racquet Club in Pretoria.

My formal training has taught me that concepts like up, down and around need to be established physically before they can be used effectively in writing letters and numbers. A child that is exposed to a variety of sensory-motor stimulation is more receptive to communication and later learning in the classroom context, and it is imperative that this stimulation takes place in the very early years. During this time, I also designed a programme for older children (grades 1-3) called Core4Kids as there was a need for it.

When my son started ‘big’ school, a whole new world opened up for me too. I suddenly became aware of children being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, having ‘learning difficulties’, unable to concentrate, can’t sit still… but, they’re only 7!

I attended a Workshop that was hosted by (my guru no 1) Dr Melodie de Jager and I was smitten! There began my journey into neuroscience and the plasticity of our wonderful brains. I finally got to fix the cause of the ‘labeled’ behaviour. I needed to learn everything about how to remove these barriers to learning so that reading and writing would become easy. In October 2012 I completed the (intensive) training, opened my Practice as an Advanced Mind Moves Instructor and introduced KZN to Mind Moves®.

Over the years I’ve noticed that the Mind Moves® therapy just doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ with some children. With them it feels like we’re moving one step forward and then two steps back. They just aren’t able to self-regulate: increased capacity to overall handle things. It looks like they haven’t gained enough regulation and their ‘capacity’ meter gets exceeded quickly.

Research on this topic led me to (guru no 2) Dr Stephen Porges and his Polyvagal Theory. My enthusiasm for this concept resulted in me bringing this Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) to South Africa from the USA (again a first).

As long as I can remember I’ve been prescribing movement as a drug-free alternative to medicine. Movement activates the brain and ‘works out’ those mental muscles that allow us to become psychologically strong and flexible and, most importantly, to feel good!

Decades of experience and research have left me with soooooo many fascinating fun facts about the brain/body connection and how it plays a role in hampering feelings of happiness.

As an Educator, it is my wish to share this knowledge with you.

I want you to learn how to use your brain to confidently navigate through life’s challenges. It is our unconscious processes that often dictate the results in our lives and I have the tools to help you access and change your brain to feel better, while getting tangible results too!

I’ll keep you updated on the latest research in neuroplasticity in an easy-to-understand way and demonstrate that the benefits of this new brain science are likely within your grasp.

When I’m not working in my practice I, keep fit by going to the gym every day (at least that’s the goal), often with my hubby, Bruce, who is a Divisional Commander with Metro Fire Department. My exercise routine consists of the cross trainer, some weights, and stretching. To maintain a clear head I love to walk, practice Mindfulness and am not averse to binge watching on occasion!

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you and your children and joining you on your journey to improved neurological development, training your brain, and finding your joy!